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From: wonderwhy1955 at Bi MEN NETWORK - www.bimen.org - the world`s largest social networking site with a bisexual male focus! Now over 250,000 active adult male members with us today and all free!

I had occasion the other day to consider how easy it is for married bisexual guys (or even heterosexual for that matter) to be caught by their wives after a little foray into bed with someone else. I have always tried to make sure that I am very aware of actions or any other form of evidence that would indicate that I have been "sipping from another cup" but every now and then it is easy to slip ....... and ohhh so easy to get caught. I have been with my wife since we were both 21 and we know each other so damn well that any abberation or deviation is instantly apparent. I make it hugely worse of course by being a dreadful creature of habit - it goes with my job which is based on systems and procedures that follow a careful routine so it is inbred that I am pretty damn consistent. My wife is a bloody smart lady so not much gets by her and I never underestimate her so I was really annoyed at myself for a slip up that required a quick recovery.

In this particular instance I had been on a business trip to London and i was fortunate that it coincided with a married mate who was also there on business. We had an incredible blast - not just the great sex but the ability to head our for drinks and dinner together - to sit in the bar of the hotel and enjoy each other's company - to wake up together after some major cum unloading and shower together before having breakfast together. That was all fine ..... different country ...... no one knows you or cares anyway ...... secure private room ....... all fine ..... nihgtly call to the family and reachable at the hotel if anything came up!!! So where did I slip up????

I was commando for 2 days running ....... no need for underwear while my buddy was around and I enjoy the feeling of my cock moving around while I am in my suit. It is not unknown for me to be commando in jeans on the weekend but during a series of Board Meetings in London!!! Very difficult for my wife to give credibility to THAT scenario. So when I unpacked after returning from the trip I stupidly returned the clean boxers to my underwear drawer and threw an inadequate number into the laundry basket to equate to the number of days I had been away. She picked it up in a shot!!! I knew I hadn't been gone long enough to have had hotel laundry done (one escape excuse) so i had to say that i hadn't finished unpacking yet and there was still some laundry in my case!!! I got away with it but cursed myself for being so stupid.

Over the years on being a member of sites like this I have heard many shared experiences on how husbands have been caught by their wives ..... in some cases I have thought that it was dumb enough to have been a "need" to be caught to bring it out in the open. Other events have been tragic embarrassments where too many people have been hurt needlessly ....... we all live in this situation of conflicting priorities where it is easy in following your nature to leave a trail that others can see and be exposed.

Computers are the greatest villian for those of us not as technically savvy as others. It was computer useage that brought me the closest I ever want to get to a marriage breakdown - since that time i have always meticulously never used the home computer for any of this stuff. I know guys who had "chat" on the homes computers and hadn't changed the automatic settings. Children or wives had logged on only to have an IM come up from "bigcockinBoisieID" pop up with a rauchy profile photo that said it all.

Web Site histories that are impossible to explain when the site name is "Horny College footballer with massive cocks"
Guy have equally been caught by having condoms or lube when they don't use them with their wives.
Wives cleaning under beds have found flotsam discarded in the throes of passionate sex.
Messages on cell phones.

Worse yet .... automatic redial on cell or house phones that recalls a number best left to history.
Being in a mall when some flouncy clearly gay guy bounces up to you and says HI - I restrict myself to married guys and have frequently encountered them in malls so the hardest thing there is to explain how you know each other!!!!

I am sure that we all know examples of how guys have been caught and I often think that we might help each other more on this site by sharing these anecdotes and how to overcome the situation. I know we all get off on discussing docking and whether to swallow cum and how to spot a bisexual guy at a block party ...... but one of the best advices we can give each other is how to cover your tracks. FINIS

My Bisexuality is None of Your Business! The Bisexual Rule: "Need to Know!"

The Bi Men Network has grown from just 100 lonely brave bi guys in February of 1998 to now over 250,000 bisexual and bi-curious men and many gay friends and bi couples with us here worldwide. By June of 1999 we had grown like hot wild Western brush fires to over 25,000 men in just 15 months. After a decade in existence we now have well over 1/4 million adult male members on all six continents.

In the early days - in 1999 around about Father's Day--with my new excitement and enthusiasm--I warmly embraced the Bi Men Network as a "calling" and took it on full time with the support of many bi men members who generously joined and funded us as lifetime members and with a series of grants from the AI.B. (now Bi Foundation) a tax-exempt 501C3 charitable organization.

At that time I did start to openly announce and even proclaim my own bisexuality and my new "calling" to close friends, family members and colleagues at my local church where I worked with the homeless. To this day - years later - I never cease to both be amazed and amused how "straight" folks and even gays and Lesbians start to actually shiver/shudder/shake in their seats after letting this "cat out of the bag!" Likely it was Inevitable that I would share this news since I had chosen to take this on full time. At the time it made sense - now many years later - I firmly believe that for most of our 1/4 million bisexual and bi-curious guys here:

OUR BISEXUALITY/YOUR BISEXUALITY is a very personal and private matter!

I had alienated my immediate family and many friends. While some have come through like saints - by and far all it does is make many others VERY UNHAPPY and UNCOMFORTABLE and rather oddly even serves to alienate them from you!

THE ANTIPATHY and UNEASE of many gays, Lesbians, and heterosexuals with a fully-ANNOUNCED bisexual is amazing (that is an entire other essay) - but the minute it comes up - many otherwise enlightened and tolerant people start to obviously squirm quite uncomfortably in their seats.

It may be that today in the USA - at least I would project - that San Francisco, and West Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, and Manhattan - may well be the only four enlightened enclaves where one can comfortably proclaim oneself bisexual. AND with those four areas - I am not in fact suggesting the entire metropolitan areas - just those four enclaves of those major metro areas. In Canada it seems that Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are also nice bi-friendly metropolitan areas.

I had high hopes now years ago at the turn of the new century and a brand new millenium most people would be more open and accepting of our bisexuality. I no longer believe that is true - it may well take another decade or two if not even longer. Increasingly we must also face the problem and obstacle-course of "bisexual erasure". Increasingly many of both or gay and Lesbian "friends" and members of the heterosexual world deny that bisexuals actually exist even in the New York Times!

So at this time I suggest that it is just great that we have one another here at the Bi Men Network and the relatively few other places receptive to bisexuals. That is why here at our Bi Men Network I am increasing a focus on finding truly bi-friendly venues and not just those that welcome the green of our money - but friends who accept bisexuality as both a bridge for some and a lifelong destination for many.

No one can or should decide your sexuality for you! Here we seek more and more true friends worldwide who are truly bi-friendly and genuine friends to bi guys and to our Bi Men Network. We should and must all stick together and that is the top
benefit of associating with us at the Bi Men Network.

After many, many years in the trenches - I do now believe and suggest to all here that OUR BISEXUALITY is our own personal concern - it is our own private business - and not the concern of anyone else. IF and when you do choose to disclose this to another person - as a spouse, family member, old friend, or colleague - you should do so only after a very serious review and long soulful consideration.

One must learn to accept that there is no way to surely determine how such a revelation of bisexuality will be accepted and lived with in the immediate future. often over time it is ultimately a good decision and results in richer, deeper more meaningful relationships but that is not always the case. One must prepare for both the best case and worst case scenarios and all the infinite shades of gray between.

In my humble view - IT should be on a NEED to KNOW basis and this is my current belief system after many years of intense exposure to this grave subject and the results of ill-considered revelations of male bisexuality to others. For a wide variety of reasons, female bisexuality is currently much
more acceptable and tolerated by society than male bisexuality.

For me the "cat is out of the bag" and now I even take some joy and often relish in seeing others' reactions - but then I can more readily do this as the Fouder and only full-time employee here at our Bi Men Network. Thankfully the ruptures with most of my family have healed but I have lost and alienated a few friends. Yet over time I have made many wonderful replacements here at our Bi Men Network and via our Bi Men Network. This is one major subject we discuss at our Bi Men events and often on our discussion board.

Many, many married men here - want so very much to bring forth and reveal their bisexual status to their wives, family members and loved ones. It is a repeated and good discussion topic here. But be sure to review this for some time and be sure that this is the best, and wiser course of action for you all concerned. Are you really wanting to reveal this for the greater good of all parties - are your reasons loving and giving? Will this be for the greater good of all concened and your family - especially any younger children living at home as well as your wife or lover? How could this have
an effect on your job - and on your status, standing in the community?

Be sure that you are not "fessing up" due to your own guilt and anxiety - seeking merely to set up a "misery loves company" scenario or some unhealthy, unloving attempt to hurt or injure your wife/lover. Whatever you may decide it is YOUR OWN VERY PERSONAL DECISION TO TELL OR NOT TO TELL. You must take full responsibility for telling and the aftermath of telling. Be prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly that may well be the early more immediate results. Prepare for
any results from very good to just horrid!

BUT as said after my own sad experiences and many "war stories" I have heard for years now - I believe it is a PRIVATE CONCERN. It seems we are like the very early Christians in the Roman Empire - needing to stick together and draw depictions of a Fish in the sand to know who you can talk with freely and openly and who you can trust to be discreet.

We must learn to love and to just accept ourselves - and that is another great facet of our Bi Men Network and our Bi Men Network discussion forum. Our motto over the years - from the get-go - has been and is: "YOU ARE NOT ALONE!" and now with over 250,000 of us worldwide and a great new social networking platform this is true.

My last year in law school at the University of California's Hastings College of Law in San Francisco we were allowed three visits that year to a volunteer psychiatrist at UC Medical Center. That last year I was very troubled by my sexuality and going into the real world in a legal career where I knew you could not be open about it (especially outside San Francisco as I had clerked for a very conservative, Blue Chip Baltimore old-line law firm).

My draw was a delightful older lady, a Hungarian refugee from the 1956 anti- Communist Hungarian Revolt, who was now into two decades as a psychiatrist in lively over-sexed San Francisco. Each visit she would urge me on in a deep accent - made me think of Freud - only two more visits - only one more visit (i.e."Cough it up fast!").

At our last session - she went on to say: "Mr. McCloud - they have a coffee room at Hastings Law School --- No???? You have coffee daily with your legal colleagues there --- No?????? You are at the table - and you are so very concerned about Your Sexuality! No???????

BUT after two decades here in San Francisco - one of the major sexual capitals of the world - I can assure you: One man at that table - is happily married - but when his wife is away likes to try on her clothes and masturbate. She often wonders how and why her clothes are all stretched out - but says nothing - just buying more new things. Does this man feel compelled to share over coffee these sexual needs and his desires?????? But - no!!!!

Another man at that table is also happily married - but can only get erect and perform for his wife as they say "Doggie Style" - and he speaks to her quite nastily while doing so. Does he feel compelled to speak of this openly or does she????? But --- No!!!

Then the 3rd Man - will be a lifelong bachelor - with a large collection of soiled women's panties - taken from his previous female conquests - he likes to smell them - remember the conquests - and masturbate. Does he share this with you men there? But - No!!!

And then you - you in San Francisco - a little missionary position with both sexes and lots of French Active and Passive with mainly one sex -- you are NOTHING more than a mere garden-variety BI/FAGGOT - nothing more - nothing less - and your tale also is not for discussion over coffee at the Hastings Coffee Room. These things are merely personal and quite intimate and are of no one's concern but your own. GO and do not worry so much about such things!"

So over 30 years ago that ended my three
last sessions with a shrink - and every since
then I have been a relatively happy and very
much guilt-free garden variety bisexual faggot!

So NEED TO KNOW THAT IS THE ANSWER AS A GENERAL RULE OF THUMB! So I do conclude our BISEXUALITY is no one else's business or anyone's concern and is best kept personal and strictly to ourselves!

A GENERAL RULE OF THUMB = "NEED TO KNOW - ONLY!" So Bi Men Members and friends - what do all you folks think?

Please send your comments on this topic (and many others) and any feedback at our discussion board. This is just the type of "Stuff" we share and discuss on
our discussion board at our all new Bi Men
Network social networking site. See how to join the fun there - below! OK!

My Best Wishes & Big Hugs!

Stewart (Mac) McCloud
Bi MEN NETWORK - www.bimen.org

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Thank you for your ongoing support.

Best Wishes,

Mac McCloud

Our Bi MEN Network motto: "You are NOT alone!"
19 July 2010 @ 09:10 pm
The Bi MEN NETWORK - www.bimen.org - the world's largest social networking site for bi guys, gay men, bi-curious males and bi couples - welcomes all such adults free.

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A Guide for our Men from the Bi Men Network!

Butt plugs are an ideal sex toy for the vast majority of our bisexual, bi-curious and gay adult male members and even some or your wives and girlfriends.

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In some ways, they are similar to dildos but they tend to be shorter, and to have a flared end to prevent the device from being lost inside the rectum. Most dildos lack a flared end, and thus it is ill-advised to use such dildos anally, since they may get stuck, requiring medical extraction. No one wants to end up in the ER having a dildo much less a coke bottle extracted!

Many if not most of our Bi Men members if they will give it a chance will come to love the added pleasure that a butt plug can in time bring into your sexual pleasures - even alone - and often if not always with others.

Start with a lower priced - smaller - trainer butt plug or buy two or three - but move up the FOOD CHAIN and do not start out with some huge MR. BIG butt plug and thereby risk injury or discomfort.

If you order a butt plug - play with your ass with your fingers or have your partner or partners do so to get you ready for it. Be sure the fingers in question are well lubed for the penetration and be sure nails are well-trimmed as well! SLOWLY is the ticket - and take your time to get used to this new and different form of very intense sexual pleasure.

When your butt plug or plugs do arrive - your sphincter muscle will hold the plug in place by its waist, preventing the plug from slipping out unintentionally. As with most all sex toys - moderation is the key. If you overuse your butt plug you can lose your control of your asshole - and/'or if you like to get fucked - you will turn into the Grand Canyon and no longer be your olde sexy fuckable self! Also if you are in pain or experience discomfort ease up - and also be sure you have plenty of lubricant.

As with other activities involving anal penetration, such as anal sex, large amounts of sexual lubricant and a slow gentle approach are often needed to insert or remove a butt plug. GENTLY - GENTLY. You will soon be off your tricycles and on to a ten speed racing bike butt plug soon enough! Half the fun is getting there!

Butt plugs are often used covered by condoms for hygiene, and to allow for the easy disposal of any feces with which they may come into contact. Butt plugs should not be shared with other people so if you think your partner/s will want to try this get one for each of them.

Butt plugs come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. Some are designed to look like penises, while some are ribbed or wavy. The majority have a thin tip which is wider in the middle, a notch to hold it in place once it is inserted, and a flared base to prevent complete insertion into the rectum. Some plugs are designed (long, flexible and curved) to penetrate up to the sigmoid colon..

Butt plugs are made of a variety of materials, the most common being latex. Other materials used include silicone, neoprene, wood, metal, glass, stone, and many other materials. Silicone is a particularly good material, as it can be disinfected in boiling water. Be sure to buy a silicone butt plug if you think you will be tempted to share with others and boil between sessions with other sex partners.

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Stewart ("Mac") McCloud
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30 June 2010 @ 08:43 pm
The Bi Men Network at www.bimen.org is the world's largest and now oldest social networking organization with a bisexual male focus on earth today. We welcome all bi-curious men. Coming out is a very difficult process at any age. Whether you are 18 or 118 we can help - all free. See our founder's feature: "Are you Coming Out or just Bi-Curious at:


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Bi Men Network
29 December 2009 @ 07:22 pm
Hey there, all. Haven’t posted to this community in a very long time, but thought I would again just for the hell of it, and because I don’t really have anyone to talk to about my “questioning” in real life. The nice thing about the internet is, sometimes just writing about stuff and putting it out there is cathartic enough because, feedback or no feedback, no one’s judging you.

When last I posted, I was in serious conflict about what my feelings for other males actually meant in terms of my own identity. To recap, I’m male, 24, mostly straight and hadn’t thought about guys until several years ago when I completely fell for this one gay friend I had in college (unrequited). After that, I started noticing guys more and more and it really bothered me. The good news is, I’ve since come to terms with what it all means to me, though I’m still not sure about taking any m/m action.

I’ve come to feel that sexuality is like a gradient, with everyone falling somewhere between 100% straight and 100% gay, and that this is pretty much hardwired. I’d say I personally am probably around 80% straight and 20% gay. I don’t feel bad anymore about checking out hot guys (though I’m still discreet around my friends, just because I don’t want their attitudes toward me to change). I also don’t feel guilty or anything about watching gay porn anymore like I used to—it’s all just a part of enjoying your sexuality. I’ve even started having some, ahem, interesting dreams about guys (in addition to girls). If, as I believe, dreams are your unconscious mind telling your conscious half what you previously couldn’t admit to yourself, I have certainly been educated.

I still don’t know whether I could actually do anything sexual with another guy. I’d really want to experiment, but finding someone who a) I’m comfortable with, b) is comfortable with going slow, perhaps REALLY slow, and c) who fits my admittedly narrow standards of male hotness is beyond difficult. This is all compounded by the fact that I haven’t the slightest idea what the “gay scene” is like and the little that I’ve seen as an outside observer does not seem to be all that friendly to those who aren’t the loud and flamboyant types.

On the other hand, I’m still attracted to the idea of experimenting generally because, among other reasons, most I’ve the girls I’ve met lately are the most completely un-genuine and immature of people (that seems to get worse the older I get, and I’m only 24). Not to say there aren’t guys like that too, there are plenty. But a common thread in my life has been that guys understand me way better than girls…and a number 1 criteria for people I date is that they don’t stare back at me blankly when they discover that, lo and behold, I have a personality. So in short, straight girls frustrate me and gay boys intrigue me. Yay for my completely non-complicated life **sarcasm**

I’m always open for comments, and online chatting. I don’t really keep up with my Livejournal anymore since pretty much all of my friends have abandoned it for Facebook and/or Twitter. Anyway, thanks for reading!
31 December 2008 @ 06:10 pm
Name:  Katherine
Gender:  Androgynous (female presenting, but inwardly a blend of male and female)
Orientation:   Queer. I've liked boyish women, femme men. Eddie Izzard dressed as a woman is hot and delicious.  Two men having sex is very hot.
Status:   Single
Sexual Experience:  Some men, some women.
Music, movies & books:  Mixed bag. I recently finished reading Julian Clary's novel Murder Most Fab. It has quite a bit of male gay sex in it and damn, it was horny.
Anything Else: I'm not here for for hooking up or  relationships. I'm interested in like-minded potential friends who perhaps like writing erotica (whether fiction or RL),  particularly about two men, or breaking a few boundaries here and there especially when it comes to religion / sex in public.  I'm very liberal and open-minded. I've fantasised about having a male body and hooking up with a man (and I give, not take).